Have you heard of the latest viral game called Knockout? The game is dangerous, and spreading to Upstate New York.

If you're unfamiliar with the game "Knockout", it's when you walk up to someone randomly on the street and punch them until you knock them out. Why in the world would ANYONE even attempt this game?

In Albany, someone named Boncie was the latest victim:

Well, on Monday, Boncie was walking on Union Street in Schenectady near Union College when a random woman walked up to her and while Boncie was distracted, another woman came up to her and repeatedly punched her on the left side of her face and then the original woman joined in hitting her from behind."

Reports add that Boncie was knocked unconscious, and the two women got away. She filed a report with the Schenectady Police but hasn't heard about the women being caught yet.

PLEASE explain to your children the dangers of such a crazy game.


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