One of the cutest animals in the whole world is the monkey. Whether it is the big old gorilla or the tiny little fluffy things you find at the zoo, they all have something adorable about them. Not all monkeys are nice though. One man in Shimla, India learned that lesson the hard way. The video below shows a man giving a well-known belligerent monkey in Shimla the finger. He quickly learns that he should not have messed with the little guy. This guy may have flipped the bird, but he got kicked by the monkey.

That will make you think twice about messing with those cute little munchkins! This reminds me of when I was younger and my father would take me to the zoo. I am sure many of the gibbons in the monkey exhibit wanted to probably drop kick him in the head for getting them all riled up by hooting at them in their native tongue. Oh Dad, lucky for you there was glass between he and the monkeys!