Chris Janson is a busy man. Along with being on tour and headlining FrogFest 29, he's preparing to release a new single.

Here's the announcement from Chris' crew members that was posted on Twitter:

Incase you missed it he said, "I can fix a drink coming out in two weeks."

That means we can expect at least one brand new song at FrogFest 29 on June 10 at the Utica Rome Speedway, presented by White's Farm Supply.

Now how about a little sneak preview of I Can Fix A Drink?

Get ready to be singing this line all summer:

"The world's in the toilet, the market's in the tank. I can't fix that, no, but I can fix a drink."

If you weren't excited about Chris Janson coming to FrogFest, we'll bet you are now!


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