The water crisis in Flint, MI continues to be a huge problem as several people, including hundreds of children, have been diagnosed with lead poisoning due to its presence in the water supply. Our sister station WIBX 950 has organized a bottled water drive and several local businesses and organizations are involved. You can be as well.

Chanatry's Hometown Market in Utica has priced Nirvana bottled water cases at $1.99 each, which is only about $0.08 a bottle! That's a great deal. So when you stop by to grab your weekly case, why not spend a little extra and buy a case or two for those who really need it. There is also a "Utica" tie-in to this whole drive. There is a Utica, MI just 45 miles south of Flint and the goal is to have Utica, NY help Utica, MI to help Flint, MI. All you need to do to get involved is drop off your case of water to the Utica Mack truck out front of Chanatry's or you can drop donations off at The Loaves and Fishes Soup Kitchen on 401 N. Washington Street in Rome. Once we fill that truck, it is going to be driven to Utica, MI to get it to Flint. Anything you can do to help would be appreciated. Just imagine yourself in a position where you are unable to drink the water in your own home, or even shower! That is the horror the people of Flint are dealing with.

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