Don't get too comfortable with the relatively low gas prices across Upstate and Central New York. According to the Rome Sentinel, AAA says the summer national gas prices will jump by at least .10 cents - which is higher than the $2.42 national gas average back in March. The lowest prices were in June when they were recorded to be around $2.23 gallon.

AAA spokesperson Jeanette Casellano says gas prices could be well above $2.32 next week and will continue to increase until at least Labor Day.

According to AAA, current gas prices in the Utica/Rome are as follows:

  • $2.37 Regular        $2.65 Mid       $2.82 Premium    $2.54 Diesel

Regular and Mid prices have gone up a couple cents from a week ago - Premium has remained the same and Diesel prices have dropped about a penny.



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