Thankfully, gas prices have come down in the past few weeks, especially with holiday travel this week. But, it still makes you wonder why our local gas prices are higher than the national average.

Adam Barry, Getty Images
Adam Barry, Getty Images

According to our sister station, WIBX:

"The national average for gasoline has dropped seven cents over the past week to about $3.47. So, why are we still paying an average of $3.87 in the Utica-Rome area?

New York State usually pays 20 to 25-cents more than the national average, but a combination of refining capacity and the lingering effects of Hurricane Sandy have us paying about 40-cents more per gallon that the rest of the country.

Ed Welsh, AAA Central New York regional GM, says there are still gas supply issues in New York City as Mayor Michael Bloomberg has continued odd and even day rationing through Friday.

However, our neighbors in Syracuse and Albany are paying almost a dime less per gallon, at an average of $3.78.

New York City drivers are paying about $4.10 a gallon, Welsh said."

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