During these "Frog Days Of Summer", we're used to gas prices going up, then down, then up again. But, why are gas prices so high here in central New York? I was on vacation last week in Cape Cod Massachusetts (a tourist area for sure) and paid $3.53 a gallon for regular last Wednesday, and $3.55 on Monday, when I left.


Even on Martha's Vineyard, an island where everything's pricey, the price at the pump was $3.59 for regular gas. When I arrived home on Monday, I saw signs here for $3.69 and up...as much as $3.71 a gallon for regular gas.

Really? I could understand if the reverse were true, but prices are actually quite a bit higher here.  And, I have a relative visiting from Florida who mentioned to me that he paid $3.33 a gallon for regular in the Sunshine State last Friday when he gassed up for his trip to Utica.

Maybe you can get more specifics on average gas prices in the area from AAA.

Wow! Let's hope the roller-coaster prices go down again by Labor Day.

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