This past week Central New York has been in the national spotlight for several crazy reasons. Have you heard about the bowling prank in Frankfort that is making national headlines?

According to the Utica OD, a report of 150 stolen bowling balls has gone viral out of Frankfort New York. The local mystery was picked up by national media outlets including Fox News, the New York Post and countless Internet sites. Only problem, this story made headlines back in 2009! It's going viral again.

Village police Chief Steven Conley thought initially it was a prank, but then started to ponder "What if this wasn't a prank".

So where in the world did 150 bowling balls go then? Shortly after the balls were discovered missing, a waitress at the restaurant worried that maybe somebody stole the bowling balls and was throwing them off of a bridge at cars below. So where did they end up? Who took them?

In the end, the classic rule held true that something you’re looking for is probably right under your nose. In this case, the 150 bowling balls had been jammed by parties unknown into several of the alley’s ball return areas, Gatto said. Her husband, Donald Gatto, and brother-in-law, Ronald Gatto, took up the case of the missing bowling balls on Saturday night and discovered many of them, Alicia Gatto said."

It's funny how stories on the internet go through fads.



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