Why Tad is Eating Humble Pie
A week of trash talking came back and bit someone in the butt. Tad bragged about his bowling abilities and how he was going beat everyone during the annual Bowl for Kids Future, Friday. This morning he's eating humble pie.
Utica Comets Go Bowling With Kids at AMF
It's not uncommon to see several Utica Comets players out and about around town. Most of the time, they are either participating in some sort of charity event or making a special appearance. It was no surprise that some awesome players would take the time out of their days to take some kids bow…
Changes In How Bowling Is Scored
In an attempt to draw more interest in bowling, the "powers that be" are experimenting with the way the game is scored.  They hope the end result will be a spot in Olympics.  The new scoring system will be tested in this weekend's tournament.  Click for more det…
Bowling Tips For Lefties
With the "Frog Days Of Summer" almost in your rear view mirror, now may be the time to join a bowling leauge. Big Frog's Matt Herkimer is a league bowler with impressive stats, especially when they leave the bumpers up! As for me, I'm a left-hander and like many other spo…
More Bowling Tips
Many of you pass the time during the "Frog Days of Fall" by participating in a weekly bowling league. I'm a lefthander, and no matter how many times I've bowled (or golfed for that matter), I can't get rid of a hook.

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