She's a true, blue first responder who proves daily no task is too big for her.

Credit - Laura Kalk via Facebook
Credit - Laura Kalk via Facebook

Meet Laura Kalk

There are three hats Laura wears proudly. First a Single Mother, second a 9-1-1 Dispatcher and third a Volunteer Firefighter.

Following family tradition Laura joined the Holland Patent Hose Company at 18 years old. While she was a member there she did most of her training and became an interior firefighter and an EMT. Under the guidance of leadership in that department she even got to become the first female line officer in department history as a lieutenant.

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Serving her community has always been in Laura's heart and blood. That's what inspired her to become a 9-1-1 Dispatcher after starting her family. This way she could still follow her passion, being the first person people talk to in an emergency.

Submission by Emogene Kalk
Submission by Emogene Kalk

Laura now serves with the Newport Fire Department and is celebrating 10 years of combined service. She is truly an inspiration to mothers everywhere.

[She is] proving to women all over that you can be a good mom and still love what you do.

Thank you for everything you do Laura. You are an inspiring leader to your community and a perfect role model for your children. We are grateful to have someone like you in Central New York.

Credit - Newport Fire Co. #4
Credit - Newport Fire Co. #4

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