Fultonville teen Sawyer Fredericks has gone from a home-schooled boy, living on farm in upstate New York, to a household name. His unique sound caught the attention of all four coaches on 'The Voice' and he's been a front runner in the reality show completion ever since.

During the blind audition, Fredericks chose Pharrell to be his coach, after a four chair turn. "He talks a lot about originality. That really speaks to me as an artist. I write my own music and that's really who I am," he explains.

Fredericks originality is what's winning over the viewers and the fact he's only fifteen, although he will turn sixteen March 31st. Where does that talent come from? Fredericks shyly giggles and says, "I don't know. It just happens."

The new found fame for Fredericks is nothing like he's use to. A normal day is singing, writing, and playing guitar after his farm chores. Adjusting to Hollywood takes a little getting use to, says Fredericks. "Everybody is so different. People are much more social and I'm kind of a keep to myself type of guy."

Fredericks may have to adjust to life off the farm for awhile longer as 'The Voice' heads into the live rounds, where American will decide his fate. Fredericks quiet demeanor and humble attitude makes his God given talent shine brighter and I have a feeling he'll be in the spotlight awhile.

The live rounds begin Monday, April 6th on NBC at 8pm.

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