The designers of the new winged roller coaster, "The Swarm" knew they had to back to the drawing board when, according to Time magazine,  several of the test crash dummies they used as guinea pigs to ride it came back missing limbs. The ride, located in Thorpe Park outside of London, England, had been restructured and deemed safe for humans when several professional test pilots were chosen to give it a test run. Their reaction?

One pilot said the ride was certainly “gut-wrenching” and the near-miss elements were “eye-watering.”

“You really do feel as if you are going to crash into the structures,” he said about the series of extreme near misses and inversions.

via The Swarm Coaster at Thorpe Park Rips Limbs Off Dummies | NewsFeed |

Check out the video of their ride- but be advised-it isn't for the weak of heart!

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