Eddie Arcuri is excited to take the FrogFest stage with headliner Chris Janson June 10th at the Utica/Rome Speedway.

Acuri has been performing for the past 15 years and writing music for 7 years. He moved from Rome to Nashville in 2009, but only for about a year. "I wanted to try a different style of music. I may go back in the future because I love Nashville. Of any place I've been, Nashville is my favorite."

From Nashville, Arcuri moved to L.A., just like FrogFest guest Alexandria Corn. That's where he found his true sound. "After I left Nashville, the music turned out great but it wasn't what I was going for. My producers in California gave it a pop twist and we decided to call it Cali country."

Arcuri says he does plan to head back to L.A. to work with producers on some new music, but not until late Summer or early Fall. "I won't be going anywhere until after FrogFest."

Just in time for FrogFest, Arcuri does have new music. He'll debut 'Beer Goggles.'

'Beer Goggles'

Arcuri released a video while in California called "Cowboy Hollywood" that featured a number of very attractive women. "We went through a modelling agency," explains Arcuri. "We took awhile to choose who we wanted."

Wearing a Yeti hat, Arcuri says he also has a lot in common with FrogFest headliner Chris Janson. "I'd never heard of him until 'Buy Me a Boat' came out. He started singing about Yeti coolers, pick up trucks and boats and I was like 'This is my man.' He's such a great songwriter. I just became a huge fan."

For FrogFest Arcuri has a great band lined up and says he's ready to roll. "I play with some energy. Some of the songs I play are 90s country that I grew up with but I do the newer stuff too. Plus I like to interact with the crowd. It's going to be a good time."

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'Cowboy Hollywood'


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