Don't shoot the messenger. A non-profit group in New York wants Hasbro to stop selling Nerf guns to kids.

The Empire State Consumer Project, a group dedicated to reducing the use of unsafe products, is calling on the toy company to "remove assault-style toy weapons from your product offering."

President, Judy Braiman says the holiday commercial featuring the Nerf Ultra One, that you can watch below, is a "reminder of mass shootings that have devastated American children and families," in a letter to Harbro.

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The Nerf guns aren't toys. The group calls them "emblems of mass destruction," that Hasbro shouldn't be marketing to kids. "Marketing assault weapon toys to this most vulnerable group of consumers is an assault on their dignity and their worth as human beings."

Say what?! It's JUST A TOY!

Playing with Nerf guns doesn't turn a kid into a mass murder. And buying one for your child doesn't make you a bad parent.

Kids will turn anything into a pretend pistol. If they don't have anything, they'll use a finger. There's even a sign at the Strong Museum of Play in Rochester asking if gun play is okay. "Fighting pretend bad guys and zapping monsters helps children conquer their fears by playing with them."

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Banning Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer because of bullying. Changing lyrics to Baby it's Cold Outside because it's offensive. When will it end?

Watch what you want. Listen to what you like and play with any toy that makes you happy. If you're not hurting anyone else, WHO CARES.

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