Stupidity leads to a slew of charges for the Corning man who's dangerous stunt went viral.

Christopher Merola shot video of his dead car rolling down a hill and crashing in a ditch, while rode the driver's side door like a skateboard.

The 21 year-old is facing a laundry list of charges from the New York State Police, according to WENY.

Falsifying business records 1st degree
Coasting downgrade in neutral
Driving left of pavement markings
Failure to keep to right
Holding on to moving vehicle
Imprudent speed
Moved from lane unsafely
Open door interferes with traffic
Operating a motor vehicle with one hand on the steering wheel
Reckless endangerment
Reckless driving
Seat belt violation
Using a portable electronic device

The original video went viral on YouTube but has since been taken down. Merola told Live Leak he was waiting for friends to come help before the stunt.

"It started out as a stupid joke, but I ended up freezing instead of reacting like I should have. Many people have accused it of being staged; however, it was a spur of the moment decision out of boredom. I was thrown from the car, and I suffered no major injuries besides a couple of scrapes and bruises on my left side due to rolling into a ditch instead of the asphalt.”

Next time Merola is bored, he might want to find something more useful to do with his time.


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