A Boonville man is the Forest Gump of the cycling world, biking 400 miles across New York state, along the Erie Canal Trails...because he felt like biking. John Tagliamonte started at the marina in Buffalo and will end his trek in Albany.

The idea struck Tagliamonte after taking a bike tour last fall. "It was a great experience. I rode with one woman who told me about her journey on the trail and it peaked my interest."

On average, Tagliamonte says he travels about 40 miles a day, stopping at every lock along the way to take a picture. "The Erie Canal trail is pretty amazing," says Tagliamonte. "There's so much engineering into it with the lift bridges and locks. I got to stop in Lockport and see the Flight of 5 which is one of the largest locks as far as height raise goes."

John Tagliamonte

In addition to the locks, Tagliamonte enjoys the beauty of Mother Nature every day. "I got to see a lot of nature; Blue herrings, beautiful sunrises."

John Tagliamonte

At night Tagliamonte parks his bike and pitches a tent. "In some cases I'm doing what's called stealth camping, picking a spot along the trail. A lot of the locks and marinas, you're able to stay at and camp overnight. Some have more immensities than others."

John Tagliamonte

Even though Tagliamonte is taking this trip on his own, he says he couldn't do it without the support of his loved ones. "I have to thank my wife and family for allowing me to go on this wonderful adventure."

John Tagliamonte

The adventure comes to an end Sunday July 22nd or Monday July 23rd at the latest. Tagliamonte is just hoping the nice weather continues until then. "I'll take the heat. The rain is no good. Pray for good weather."

Check out more of John's Wheeled Meanderings at his blog.

CNY Man Bikes Across New York State