Clint Black received an out of this world message on his Twitter page from NASA.  His "Galaxy Song" song was played to wake the crews of Endeavour and Expedition 28.  They tweeted "Astronauts and space station crew awoke to 'Galaxy Song' by Clint Black, played for the entire crew on their last day at station."  A very emotional Clint Black tweeted, "As a child, I dreamed of being an astronaut.  And now one of my songs is an astronaut. I hope they gave it some Tang."  He read the tweet at 3am after songwriting.  How do you go to sleep after reading something like that.  He didn't.  Clint did call his parents in Houston Texas to tell them the good news.

iTunes downloads for "Galaxy Song" have soared as well as other songs from his D'lectrified album that first came out in 1999, "another century."  Clint says over a decade later "people are discovering his music for the first time."

If you're in Nashville next week, you'll find Clint at the  CMA Fest, where it's expected he'll perform "Galaxy Song."  He says "he didn't plan on doing the song this year, but now he's had to work it in."

Clint is busy working on a few new projects.  He's been asked to write the music for a touring Broadway style show that will hit 50 cites for 2 nights starting next Spring.  It'll be based around the country music world.  He's also writing songs for a play on Broadway and both projects he's "very passionate about.  Clint calls himself just the "hired gun,songwriter now" which he find "strange, since he's the only one who has every wanted to recorded his songs."  Now he's working around the clock, writing all this new music and says "it gets to playin in my head, songs start playin, like on a radio station that you just can't turn it off, like your station."  God love ya Clint for that.  Your check is in the mail.  Although I'm sure he doesn't need it.  In addition to his successful music career, he's been in several movies including the Mel Gibson/James Garner film "Maverick."  He's also took a run at Donald Trump's "Celebrity Apprentice" and finished 5th.

Clint is also the guy who discovered Little Big Town and helped launch their career.  The band was first signed to his record label and moved over to Capitol records after it closed.  He's very happy to have been able to "help somebody along the way."

Fan can catch up with Clint when he makes two stops in NY this summer.  He'll be in Chautauqua, or as he likes to pronounce it chow-tow-quow, August 12th and Highmount at the Belleayre Music Festival the next night.  He says when he visits places with an unusual name, he "always ask the audience how to pronounce the city."  Good idea, especially if you forget where you are.

You can follow Clint on Twitter, Facebook and at  He's "all hooked up now" and has been for awhile.  Clint recalls "being on the internet in 1992" interacting with his fans and conducting polls.  When asked if he was ahead of his time, he replied "I was ahead of his time but when my time actually got there, I was asleep."

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