Will the real Chris Young please stand up. A con artist, posing as the country star, tried to scam a Taberg woman and she wants to warn others.

Carrie VanHoeven was contacted on Instagram, by someone claiming to be Chris Young. "He sent a picture of his passport to prove it was the real Chris Young." Luckily VanHoevan says she doesn't get star struck and grew suspicious when she found the same picture online. "Anyone can download that and claim they are the real Chris Young."

The con artist went on to offer paying off a debt. "I told him it wouldn't be very lady like to discuss a financial situation with a stranger," says VanHoeven. "That's when they asked if I was taking the opportunity as a joke."

The con didn't end. VanHoeven says she was offered a VIP Fan package that would include all access to shows, merchandise and an autograph. "I had to get a verification code to verify the official VIP Fan ID. I said no thank you and deleted everything in fear of getting hacked."

Imposters trying to scam country music fans is becoming more common and you'd be surprise how many people actually fall for it. Several country stars have even joined together to create a new PSA, warning fans of the problem.

VanHoeven hopes her story will warn others too. "I can see how some people believe these con artists. Although if it was the real Chris Young I would be asking for a dinner date," she jokes.

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