If you're looking for a place to spend a relaxing few days but don't want to leave Central New York, not many options can compete with this for the price.

When it comes to getting an Airbnb, of course, you have tons of options to pick from in Central New York. If you start looking into one that has the look you like, the price might scare you off though. This one here which is located in Taberg will not give you that sticker shock. In fact, when you compare it to a luxurious hotel, it may even be cheaper. Under $141 a night.

Upon looking through the pictures, you might question why it is called a treehouse. If you examine some of the pictures just a little bit closer, the cabin is actually built with two trees as a part of its structure. That makes for a very nature-themed vibe when you stay here. In fairness, it is pretty hard to not notice the nature surrounding this cozy little cabin in the woods.

With flat and clear from brush ground surrounding, you'll have plenty of room outside for a bonfire along with any activity you put your mind to. Then you step inside to a simplistic and attractive interior. There is nothing fancy inside this Airbnb, but from the exterior look, you wouldn't expect there to be. The bedding is minimalistic and the space is used to its maximum ability.

If you're looking to get off the grid and relax in nature, look no further than this Taberg treehouse cabin.

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