Joey Abt created a Summer Bucket List to visit as many fire departments in Oneida County that he could. In just 2 days he's already crossed several off the list.

Tuesday Joey experienced 4 in 1. Lee Center, Taberg, Lake Delta and Amcare Ambulance came together to give him a day he couldn't forget. "It’s awesome to see how fast four agencies can come together and pull of an outstanding experience for Joey," says ‎Becca Rouillier, a volunteer firefighter in Lee Center. "The best part was seeing the big smile on Joey's face while he was pressing the air-horn and blaring the sirens in the fire truck."

Joey didn't go away empty handed either. He received a Lee Center fire helmet and patch as well as patches and a hat from Amcare Ambulance, patches and a T-shirt with his name on it from Lake Delta and a patch and T-shirt from Taberg.

Oneida County Fire Departments

Monday Joey took two tours. The day started at Oneida City Fire Department. "First I looked at all the offices and the mechanic shop because I have to know where everything is," says Joey. After leaving with more goodies, it was off to Verona. "I got there early but Stuart Seibel, who I learned is a FF/EMT/President, didn’t mind starting early."

Oneida and Verona Fire Departments

Joey is going to be spending a lot more time touring departments in Oneida County. Several have reached out to him already.

"I saw the story on how you are visiting the local fire stations and would like to extend an open invitation to you to come visit our fire house this summer.," writes Geoff Stevens, the President of the Waterville Volunteer Fire Dept.

‎Brandie N Jones also offered an invite.‎ "I just read you have a bucket list to go to as many fire departments as you can this summer. I love the idea. I am with Shortsville Fire/Ambulance and I would love to make a time to meet you."

You can follow Joey's journey at Joey's Dirt Road Diary on Facebook, or send an invited to your department.


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