Chris Janson may 'Fix a Drink,' but he doesn't drink himself. He does however collect whiskey and can now add some local flavor to his collection.

Janson, who starred at FrogFest 29, gave up drink 9 years ago. “I wanna be the best husband I can be. When I got with Kelly I knew I was going to be marrying this women and I was going to become a step dad. I just didn’t want to be that guy, so I just quit. I have no problem with anyone who drinks. In fact I collect whiskey."

Jordan Karp of the Adirondack Distilling Company gave us a bottle to give to Janson before FrogFest. "We have a gift for you," I told Janson. "We know you don't drink but you collect whiskey." Janson immediately responded with "I accept" before I could even tell him WHAT the gift was.

Janson may not drink, but his tour manager Cam and wife were more than happy to help out. Once they've enjoyed the whiskey Janson says he'll add the bottle to his collection.



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