It would be hard to top this week's First Responder Friday honorees. Not only do they serve their community by being there to help in the worst of times, but they serve on boards, teach, and run a non-profit cheer leading gym. Meet Norm and Lorrie Wallis from Camden.

Norm and Lorrie are both well-known members of the community, having spent more than 30 years as First Responders. Both are active members of the Camden Fire Department, not just responding but also serving on the board. Norm is a paramedic and runs Camden Ambulance, working nights and some weekends while also pulling full time duties for NOCA Ambulance. He also serves on that board too. As if those weren't enough duties, Norm is an instructor too, teaching CPR/AED, First Aid and EMT.

Lorrie holds a full time job outside of First Responder duties and has first aid/CPR training. She even volunteers with Believe 271, a non profit organization that raises money for First Responders suffering from medical problems.

But wait that's not enough.  Norm and Lorrie founded a non profit cheer leading gym in Rome in 2004. The program began as training for their daughter, but the couple continue the operation long after she graduated.

The couple were nominated by Kristin Coonrod, Lorrie's niece. She says the the couple rarely take time away or go on vacation.

They are the most dedicated, selfless and trustworthy people I have ever met. They strive to give back to the community and instill these qualities in their athletes as well.

There's duty, there's above and beyond duty and then there's Norm and Lorrie. Thank you two for all you do; responding, teaching, and instilling those traits in our kids.

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