Most of us are familiar with the Clark Griswold story in the movie "Vacation." He packs up the family for vacation to Wally World only to find the theme park closed. Unfortunately, some Central New York families are finding similar circumstances at State Parks. It's a good idea to check before you go.

Due to COVID-19 pandemic, New York's state parks have limited parking capacity to 50% of normal size to avoid overcrowding. And in some cases parks or roads leading to them are closed. Obviously warm temperatures and the Memorial Day weekend added to the number of looking to get a break from quarantining.

The easiest way to avoid adding disappointment to an already stressed family situation is to check before you go. The park department keeps an updated list of the latest Park closures on their website. Visiting is also a great way to keep abreast of current traffic situations involving both accidents and construction. Of course, traffic can also be a good indication of how crowded a park may be.

You can the latest park visitation guidelines at their website too.  Most playgrounds, ball fields, and inside facilities remain closed. Including bathrooms, visitor centers, and historic buildings.

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