If you love parks and love to travel, Michelob Ultra has a position available for you!

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The popular low-carb beer, Michelob ULTRA, has announced a new campaign that is trying to get someone to travel to National Parks and report back to them.

According to the posting:

As Chief Exploration Officer, you’ll get an office with the best view, and get to travel for work...a lot. You’ll be tasked with capturing content while touring the country, visiting national parks and repping Michelob ULTRA Pure Gold along the way.


Not a bad way to spend some time during a pandemic. My fiends and I have been drinking Michelob ULTRA since the day it was introduced in to bars! It may sound strange, but the taste is actually pretty good and when you drink a few of them, you don't feel bloated or full.

The person they are looking to hire must have a passion for the outdoors and apply before the end of the month to be considered.

There are more difficult ways to make a buck and this is a brilliant way to promote a beer! Good luck and apply today!

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