We took a little trip down memory lane this morning with our "Remember Whens-day" topic. Name a business, restaurant, or entertainment venue no longer around in CNY. Here are the answers we heard the most.

We learned two things from our survey. People missed things from 40 years ago to 4 years ago. And most of them were tied to a favorite memory involving family and loved ones. Share yours on our Facebook page

DZ Discovery Zone
Ground Round
Super Duper in Camden
Grants and Jupiter in Rome
T.P Drive-IN and Big Jim's Herkimer
Arthur Treacher's Fish & Chips
Mr. Ed's Ice Cream Shop in Hamilton
Weathervane Restaurant in Utica
Kaybee Toys
Joel's Steak House
Candyland restaurant in Rome
Montgomery Ward
Riverside Mall
Hook Line and Sinker in New Hartford
West Rome Drive-In
Track n Bat
Losurdos Pizza
Oneida Limited Factory Store
Ben Franklin in Boonville
AC Moore

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