The Buffalo Bills are said to have some of the worst fans in the NFL but this one provided jokes for years to come.

A streaker ran onto New Era field in the 4th quarter to provide the only entertainment fans had all afternoon. The Bills were losing to the New Orleans Saints and had less than 70 rushing yards in the game. The streaker had them all beat, running 100 yards down the field before being tackled by security. The moment made for plenty of jokes on social media.

The Bills may want to consider signing the streaker, who's name is Tristan Lambright. He's said to be a jammer on a roller derby team, the member who scores points. God knows the Bills could use someone who can score points and from his moves on the field, it looks like he can run too.

The streaker is already so popular he has his own picture on ebay. Maybe he'll get some royalties to help pay his legal bills since being arrested and charged with Criminal Trespassing, Public Lewdness and Exposure of a Person according to WIBV.


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