First responders had to pull out all the stops to find this "vulnerable" missing man.

The NYS Department of Environmental Conservation is always responding to people in need across the state, whenever they get the call. From dumb hunters to campers shooting at bears, they've seen and handled at all.

Most commonly, their expertise is needed to find missing people when other sources fail.

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Credit - Google Maps
Credit - Google Maps

Missing Man

Forest Rangers were recently called to Columbia County to help a man in desperate need in the woods. New York State Police say a 78-year-old man from Ghent was missing, though it's unknown what caused him to go missing.

NYSP showed up on scene at around 4:44pm with a blood hound and drone, pulling out all the stops to help rangers in finding the man. After pinpointing his location, Rangers Gullen, Martin and Sweeney were off to the rescue.

It wasn't until a short time later that they heard a faint call for help.

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Credit - NYS Department of Environmental Conservation
Credit - NYS Department of Environmental Conservation

Safe & Sound

At 9:50pm, they were able to find the 78-year-old in stable condition. The subject was exhausted, sitting on the ground with minor scrapes and bruises.

Austerlitz Fire provided a UTV for the evacuation, bringing the man out of the woods and into a clearing safely. He was then turned over to Greenport Rescue and transported to the hospital for further evaluation.

Resources were clear by 11:30pm.

If you're ever lost, in need or distress... call 911 immediately. Regardless of where you are, there are always professionals on standby to help. That also means it's extremely important to keep a phone on you, especially when venturing into the woods alone.

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