A New Yorker was caught breaking the law before heading to church, and there was an eyewitness to prove it.

A complaint came into the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation from a dog walker. They claimed to see a driver dump several five-gallon buckets and bags of construction and demolition debris next to a park in Levittown before entering a church less than 50 feet away.

A Conservation Officer documented the items dumped right by the sign to Pelini Park, home of the Levittown Soccer Club.

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Credit - NYS DEC
Credit - NYS DEC

Lying in Church

The Officer headed to the church and waited in the parking lot for services to end. That's when he confronted a woman to ask about the illegal dumping.

The woman first denied being responsible but eventually confessed when the officer told her about the witness and finding five gallon bucket impressions in her vehicle.

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I guess if you can commit a crime before going to church, you'd have no problems lying in a church parking lot.

Credit - NYS DEC
Credit - NYS DEC

Thou Shalt Not Dump

The woman claimed her local sanitation hauler refused to accept the material with her household trash, so she dumped it instead. Right before going to services.

Maybe she went to pray for her sins.

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The Environmental Conservation Officer gave the woman a ticket for unlawful disposal of solid waste. She was also told to clean up the mess and supply a receipt for the proper disposal.

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