Less than a month after Big Vinny of Trailer Choir weighed in for the final time on the season finale of 'The Biggest Loser,' the show returns for it's 13th season.  Dolvett Quince will also return to train the new contestants for his second season.  He took the time to talk about the premiere tonight at 8 and what we can expect this time around.


Season of 'No Excuses'
The 13th season of 'The Biggest Loser' comes with a twist called 'No Excuses'.'  Dolvett explains 'We have family members coming in, and now everyone has to compete against each other.  No more enablers.'  So who should we be keeping an eye on this season?  Dolvett says to watch 'Nancy, a grandmother of 54.  Watch Roy who is going to bring back some Christmas cheer.  I've got a former Olympic athlete, a former professional wrestler on this season.  It's going to be great.'

It wasn't a question when Dolvett was asked to return to The Biggest Loser. 'I love what I do and they asked me back for another season and I said absolutely. My mantra is changing lives one rep at a time.'

Dolvett not only loves his job, he loves the contestants too.  But does he have a favorite?  'I love them all equally. I don't have a favorite, yet.' There will be fireworks this season as 'we're going to butt some heads. Everyone doesn't fall in love with me instantly, or I with them. It's a process. You've got to tune in.'


From 3 trainers to 2
With Anna leaving after only one season, the show will now only have two trainers. Dolvett and Bob Harper.  Two men going head to head. 'It's just me and Bob now. Guy versus guy. It's interesting because we have two different styles and it's going to be interesting to watch.' And Dolvett has a lot to live up to after winning his first season with Jon. 'I'm very proud of that. Winning my first season out of the gate.'

Dr Jekyl & Mr Hyde
It's the tale of two people when it comes to Dolvett. You have the sweet guy with the beautiful smile, but once you get into the gym, another guy emerges. It's like he's Dr. Jekyl and Mr Hyde. 'I'm sure passionate about what I do, but I realize obesity is a huge epidemic and it's something people tend to take lightly. I don't take it lightly. I'm going to smile. I'm going to be nice, but when it's time to be serious, I'm very serious.'

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Memorable Moments
The first season brought a number of memorable moments for Dolvett, but there were a few that really stood out. 'The first day when those contestants were running towards me and chose me to train them, I was extremely honored. Having a connection with a woman like Bonnie who went through the changes she went through with her knee replacement and her feeling like she was too old to change her life. That last season was very amazing for me.''

Dolvett finds he's getting recognized more on the street, but he 'loves it. It's a fun ride and I'm having fun with it.'  And the date offers are rolling in.  It must be because of the Top 10 Hottest Men post.  Dolvett and Bigg Vinny both made the list, although Vinny thought they both should have been higher up.  Dolvett on the other hands says 'I guess I should be 'jumping' for joy, no pun intended.'

Body Sculpt Studios in Atlanta
Dolvett is no stranger to losing weight and staying fit.  He has a gym in Atlanta, Georgia called Body Sculptor and he's worked with the likes of Janet Jackson and Justin Bieber on his latest tour.  Dolvett's time on The Biggest Loser has inspired him to start something new.  'We've started a transformation segment, where we're taking on more people of obesity and helping them lose hundreds of pounds.

Weight Loss Tips
With many setting New Year's resolutions to get fit, who better to get weight loss tips than from a successful trainer.   'Set your alarm clock and let your alarm clock tell you that its your workout hour.   It could be 2 o'clock in the afternoon or 6 in the morning, it doesn't matter.  But stay committed that way.  And always write down what you're eating.  Take accountability for it.'

Tune in to The Biggest Loser on ABC at 8 tonight to catch Dolvett and fellow trainer Bob Harper, along with host Alison Sweeny for the season 13 premiere.

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