Biggest Loser fans were heartbroken when Ruben Studdard left the ranch after losing the least amount of weight on his team. A cheating scandal on Jillian Michael's team this week, brought him back. 

Before each team weighed in this week, Alison Sweeney informed everyone 'before you step on the scale, there is something important that needs to be addressed.  Last week Jillian broke the rules and gave caffeine supplements to each member of her team without the doctors permission.'


Jillian's team was given a penalty of a 4 pound disadvantage at the weigh in. The week Rueben was sent home was also invalid because of the infraction.

I should have guesses something was up when we didn't get an update on Rueben like we do on all eliminated contestants. Dolvett Qunice, Rueben's trainer, also hinted something was up when I talked with him about his new 3-1-2-1 Diet book.  When I said I expected Rueben to be around awhile, Dolvett replied, 'You gotta keep watching. You never know, magic could happen.'

Jillian's misfortune was Ruben's gain.  The season is called second chances. I guess Ruben just got his.

Watch the weigh in to see who went home and the promo for next week's return of Ruben.

Rueben Returns

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