The Biggest Loser returns for a two night premiere with a new change and a old face. Trainer Jillian Michaels returns to join Bob Harper and Dolvett Quince, who says for the first time, Biggest Loser will tackle childhood obesity by featuring kid participants, with one from Rochester New York.

New This Season

Dolvett explains the three kids, one on each team, won't weigh in as the adults do every season because 'it's not about a competition for them. It's about showing them ways to be healthy and be active.  re-introducing fun and exciting ways to keep them moving. Its not about competing as much as it is about lifestyle, not only for themselves, but for their families.'


Kids vs Adults

Training children is much different for Dolvett than training adults.  'Its not about training per say as it is about keeping the child laughing and having fun and moving and doing sports and staying active.  Who doesn't want to go out and play basketball and being a kid again.' So who's easier to work with?  The kids or the adults.  'Of course the kids.  Kids are funny.  They don't have any inhibitions.  They don't have any headaches.  They're just like ok lets do it, lets have funI love it because I'm a dad.'

Season 14 Cast

Dolvett is proud of the cast for Season 14 that includes 4 from New York. 'This cast this season is amazing.  You're going to fall in love with this group of people.  I promise.'  So, who should we be keeping an eye on this season?  Dolvett says 'If I were you, I'd keep an eye on Jillian, Bob and Dolvett. It's amazing to watch those three work.'  Oh I'll definitely be keeping an eye on Dolvett and his sexy smile in that red shirt.  But what about a little hint Dolvett?  Will the New Yorkers make us proud? 'I'll give you that much.  The New Yorkers will be so proud of these folks.'

4 New Yorker Contestants This Season

The four contestants making New York proud this season are: 16 year-old Sunny is from Rochester, Francelina is an Albany native, Pam hails from New York City and Cate lives near Niagara Falls.

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Biggest Loser
Biggest Loser

The three kid participants this season are:
Sanjana “Sunny” Chandrasekar (11th grade), 16, Rochester, New York
Lindsay Bravo (eighth grade), 13, Fillmore, California
Noah “Biingo” Gray (eighth grade), 13, New Windsor, Maryland

The new adult contestants competing for the $250,000 will be:
Francelina Morillo (Student and store manager), 25, Albany, New York
Cate Laughlan (Student), 28, Ransomville, New York
Pamela Geil (Executive assistant), 43, New York, New York
Dannielle “Danni” Allen (Advertising account coordinator), 26, Wheeling, Illinois
Jackson Carter (Movie theater assistant manager), 21, Layton, Utah
Nicole “Nikki” Davis (Make-up artist), 26, Chatsworth, California
Michael Dorsey (College professor), 34, Baltimore, Maryland
David Jones (Police officer), 51, Kiefer, Oklahoma
Gina McDonald (Attorney and law firm owner), 47, Hoover, Alabama
Nate Montgomery (Financial advisor), 25, Colorado Springs, Colorado
Jeff Nichols (Pharmaceutical representative), 24, Monroe, Michigan
Joe Ostaszewski (Senior sales executive), 43, Williston, Florida
Thomas “TC” Pool (Purchasing manager), 31, Albany, Oregon
Lisa Rambo (High school special education assistant), 37, Houlton, Wisconsin
Alexandra “Alex” Reid (Legal assistant), 24, Carrollton, Texas

Meet the Kids

Meet Francelina of Albany

Meet Cate from Ransomville

Meet Pam from New York City

Sneak Peek of Day One

The Biggest Loser begins Sunday night on NBC at 9.