The party is always better at the house that has a hot tub. Just watch any episode of 'The Real World,' or 'The Bachelor.' The number one thing that stops any home owner from making this purchase is the cost. If you come to The Guy's Expo at The Utica Memorial Auditorium on Saturday, September 17th you can win one from Tucker Back Yard Pools and SpasYou actually can win the exact one pictured above.

Not only will you win this brand new hot tub, we're going to fill it with beer. No, we're not pouring the beer in the tub, we are filling it with cans of beer. If this isn't enough to get you and the wife to this event, I don't know what will. Maybe the meet & greet with Brooke Hogan, the guy's from Steve's Restorations (American Restorations on History), and more. To get your tickets just click here. Don't miss this great event, or your chance to win this beautiful brand new hot tub.

To get your tickets to The Guy's Expo, you can visit our 'Events page.' Tickets are only $8.

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