So, top 10 for what? Because it is fairly obvious to all of us in Central New York, the Adirondack Bank Center is special. How do people around the world view it?

In Utica, we love what is called "The Aud" for a variety of reasons. We love how lively hockey games are there. We love how loud it can be. We love the vibe and the intimacies the arena offers for not only hockey, but also concerts. The list goes on, and could go on for a while as to why we love it.

For people around the world, it is just cool.


While the article is from a little while back, it is fun to know a fairly small arena like the Adirondack Bank Center has such immense credibility not only nationwide, but worldwide too. The article we speak of is from and ranks The Adirondack Bank Center at number 6 for coolest hockey rinks in the world.

This Past Friday Was My First Comets Game

Vinnie Martone
Vinnie Martone

It also happened to be Big Frog 104 night, which made it even more special. On the day of a snowstorm coming to Utica, it didn't stop the thousands of people from coming to root on the Comets. I was able to see really quick, this Comets team isn't just an AHL team that happens to play in Utica, they're more than that. The Utica Comets are part of the lifeblood of Utica.

The roar of the crowd, the people screaming at missed plays, or heckling the opponents. If you were dropped into this arena with no context, you would easily believe this was an NHL game happening in front of your eyes.

What I have realized, this may have been my first, but first of many Comets games to come.

Pictures From Big Frog 104 Night At The Adirondack Bank Center

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