Local UFC veteran Matt "The Hammer" Hamill has been representing Utica since his very first fight in the UFC, and he wants the chance to fight in front of his hometown crowd, but it looks like UFC officials aren't interested.

If you haven't heard, the UFC has won a legal battle to host fight nights in New York State, and Utica will host an event this coming summer.

Hamill has been campaigning to be put on the card since the event was announced, calling out UFC owner Dana White on social media with messages like this one:

"@danawhite put me in fight for my hometown In Utica, NY. There will be KO and hell of fight. I got a new trainers, new camp. Let's make it happen"

Hamill says he wants this to be his last fight, and then he plans to retire. But not without going out in style at the newly renovated Adirondack Bank Center at The Utica Memorial Auditorium.

Hamill has been on a crusade on social media for the last month, even reaching out to other fighters in his class looking for a match.

Hamill did receive a resonse from the UFC, but it wasn't positive.

The Hammer isn't taking no for an answer though.

"We're trying everything we can to put me in fight at Utica Aud," Hamill told me in a Facebook message. "That's up to Dana White (president of UFC). I appreciate your help. I'm not giving up. Hope this works out. Give Hammer a Chance!!!"

He's doing everything he can to show his love for being in the ring and of course for Utica.

On his Facebook page, Hamill has repeatedly posted this message:

"We're still pushing to make this happen. I need all your support. Shout out to @danawhite and @mickmaynard2 to put me in fight at my hometown in Utica NY!!!! Let's gooooo"

If you want to see "The Hammer" in the Octagon when The UFC comes to town on June 1, send him your support on his Facebook Page, and let UFC President Dana White know we want him to give The Hammer a chance!


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