Thieves broke into a New York wildlife refuge and bird-napped a bald eagle earlier this week and now the refuge is pleading for his return. To make matters worse, the little guy, named Sam, has one amputated wing, so he can't survive by himself in the wild.

According to UPI, Sam was injured by a gunshot wound in 1988 and has lived at Long Island's Quogue Wildlife Refuge ever since.

The refuge posted about Sam's disappearance on Facebook.

He will be stressed and cannot survive without our care. We want him back unharmed.

According to UPI, the refuge believes thieves took Sam around 4:16 a.m. on Tuesday morning, when security footage captured someone loading what appears to be a bag into a vehicle and driving away.

If you have any information about Sam's disappearance, call 631-653-4771 or email


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