It seems most appropriate with Mother's Day nearing to share some pics of Moms in the wild.  Thanks to our wildlife photographer, William Straite, we see a momma eagle teaching her five week old twins how to feed themselves.

William shared the story of these twins, born along the Susquehanna River, when they were about three-weeks old. Now, just two weeks later you can really see a difference in the babies. Most of the white fuzziness that made them so cute is gone and the awareness in their eyes as they learn to feed themselves reminds you of the fierce raptor they will become.

We've said it before and it's worth saying again, Mr. Straite has the ability to be in the right place at the right time. He was actually on the way to the Conowingo Dam in Maryland, the largest home to Bald Eagles in the summer, when he decided to take a detour and check on this family of birds for a second time, it paid off.

To our surprise we walked into an Educational Working Lunch and found out how drastically the Eaglets had changed. Today the Eaglets learned to feed themselves.

The lesson also got the Eaglets moving around in the nest to strengthen their bodies in addition to feeding themselves. Soon they will be jumping from branch to branch, then learning to fly. They grow up fast, even in the wild.

Susquehanna Eaglets Learn to Feed Themselves

Momma Eagle teaching the babies how to feed themselves.

Three Week Old Eaglets Born Near Susquehanna River

Three week old eaglets born in the wild near Susquehanna River

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