After weeks of watching the feeding frenzies of Central New York's Eagles, it was as if someone flipped a switch and they returned to their nests. Our wildlife photographer, William Straite found a pair setting up home for future Eaglets. From a safe distance and wearing camo, he shares the latest pics of Mom and Dad.

First and foremost, William goes to great lengths to avoid disturbing the eagles. He parks his vehicle, at least a 10 minute walk from where he will shoot photos. He wears camo so his movement isn't easily detected. And obviously, he has a professional camera that is able to zoom in close, to see the nest. The photo below features a photo with a regular lens on the right and what William calls his "Holy Crap this is heavy Zoom Lens" on the left.

On Left Regular Lens/On Right Zoom Lens
William Straite

On his latest journey, he witnessed a true moment in the wild. A pair of hawks began dive bombing the nest in an attempt to get the eggs. One eagle protected the nest, seen here emitting a distress call and spreading its wings to protect the eggs.

Eagle Protecting the Nest From Hawks
William Straite

In Williams' words, while one protected the nest the other attacked.

While this eagle was in a defensive posture, the mate came in like a cruise missile and snatched one of the hawks with it's talons ands took it to the ground. I don't think the hawk survived.

There's a lot more than sitting on eggs going in the Eagles' nest. The photos below show just how active this pair are over the course of the day. One of the mates is constantly in the nest, while the other keeps alert for food and predators. The eggs are rolled every 30 to 40 minutes and repacked with branches to keep them around 105 degrees. The routine continues for around 35 days before the eaglets hatch.

Black River Eagle Pair Tending Their Eggs

While we welcome spring and warmer temperatures, the Snowy Owl returns to the arctic for cooler temperatures.

Arctic Snowy Owl at Sunrise

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