It's called "Flappy Bird" and it's taking the technological world by storm. The next "Candy Crush?" I'm not sure. One thing IS for sure, I have downloaded the app on my phone and haven't been able to put it down. Unlike "Candy Crush" which takes skill, strategy, and critical thinking Floppy Bird is brainless and simple.

Flappy Bird to me is a combination of "Super Mario" and an old internet game I used to play called "The Helicopter Game." All this game takes is the tap of a finger. The objective is to keep your poorly animated bird in between the two "Mario-Like" green pipes to accumulate points. You tap your finger repeatedly for the bird to fly up and when you release the screen the bird starts to fall. The more tubes/pipes you travel in between, the more points you get. It's simply addicting. Download At Your Own Risk!!!

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