Adam Levine may be the Sexiest Man Alive, but he got his faults like any other person. He's a member of the Candy Crush Addiction group.  Levine told Ellen, he just discovered the game a few days ago, but he's hooked. He's already so addicted, it's affecting his fiance, Behati Prinsloo.

Levine says Behati 'had fallen asleep. It was on her phone, not on mine. This is so sad. You know how they had the thumb print ID's on the iPhone?'  Hey, he needed more lives and all members of the Candy Crush Addiction group, or CCA, know you'll do almost anything for a life.

When Levine tried to use her sleeping hand to open her iPhone, she woke and asked what he was doing. 'I'm Playing Candy Crush. It's very important' Levine told her.

If you haven't played Candy Crush, don't! It'll take over your life. If you're already addicted, there is help available. Tadpole began playing, despite my repeated warnings, and he's got tips.

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