Is Uber Coming to Syracuse and Utica?
Uber is the new service that is quickly growing all over the United States. It is an app that people can download to get a car to come pick them up anytime. Unlike a cab, Uber is a service where anyone can use their personal vehicle to drop off and pick-up people to and from their des…
3 Smartphone Apps Our Children Need To Stay Safe
Lt. Steve Hauck, Public Information Officer for the Utica Police Department, says there were 72 sexually related crimes reported in Utica from September 2014-September 2015. There's now some new ways to protect yourself, your children and the elderly.
Luke Bryan Duets with Jason Derulo From Two Different Places
Anyone who has been to a Luke Bryan concert before knows that he likes to bounce around the musical genres to put on the ultimate show. Of course he plays all of his popular hits, but he also likes to throw in plenty of covers. These songs allow him to show off a side we don't usually see. This has …
Stop DWI New York Has Live Saving App
Everyone knows that a big part of celebrating the holidays is having a drink or two, or maybe more. If that is the case, you need to have a plan. Stop DWI New York has come up with an app that allows you to celebrate responsibly this holiday season. It's called "Have A Plan."

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