Are you a new parent searching for the perfect app to track everything with your new child? In today's Daddy's Diaries we discuss the "Total Baby" app. 

Total Baby is the most Complete Baby Logging and Tracking app available on the market. Yes, it cost $4.99, but it's totally worth it. This app helps you log and time all aspects of your child’s care through a easy and fun app.

Total Baby will help answer important questions like "When was the baby's last feeding or doctor visit?", "When was the last diaper change?". You're able to time and track EVERYTHING including  Diapers, Nursing, Pumping, Bottles, Solids, Sleeping, Bath, and other features you may want to track.

This app has been a complete lifesaver to my wife Sarah and I. I would totally recommend downloading it. Worth every single penny.

Learn more about Total Baby by Clicking Here.


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