I know the price of a movie ticket has gone up over the years, but come on.... THIS is ridiculous. According to a study from Match.com, the average price of a date in New York state is $297.27. WHAAAT???

Although there were a couple other states high up on the list, New York took the cake for spending the most money on dates. Now I'd like to think there's some outliers in that data because I don't even know what I'd do on a date that would cost that much money.

A USA Today article revealed the national average cost of a date was $102.32, which included two dinners, two movie tickets and a bottle of wine. The study took factors like costs of living, transportation and taxes into account, which I guess justifies why New York might be at the top.

Here are the other states in the top 5:

1.)    New York - $297.27
2.)    New Jersey - $259.60
3.)    Hawaii- $239.95
4.)    Connecticut - $230.34
5.)    California - $226.35

On the flip side, some states know that dates aren't all about the money you spend. Here are the states that spend the least on dates:

50.) South Dakota - $38.27
49.) North Dakota - $42.43
48.) Nebraska - $48.91
47.) Iowa $50.90
46.) Wyoming - $52.10

The study came out last year, but went viral last weekend, striking fear into the hearts of singles across the country. Some Twitter users had some hilarious responses to the study's insight into dating in the 21st century.

"I think I am going to start a so I can date again." -@CalienteSoccer

"“Where do you want to eat?” “I don’t know. You pick.” “South Dakota it is.” -@kyle_saunders_

It's no wonder millennials are opting for more lax, casual dates nowadays--It's EXPENSIVE out here. Until these averages calm down a little, please keep us (and our wallets) in your thoughts and prayers.

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