Keep The Bug Zapper Away From The Food
We all have our little techniques to keep bugs from ruining our outdoor event. Whether it's bug spray, candles or a good old-fashioned fly swatter, we all have something. But, one technique that might be a bit unsanitary is the bug zapper.
How Addicting Is Technology?
An interesting study out of the University of Maryland shows that when teens have a "media blackout"--meaning no access to phones, TV or Internet--they start to suffer from withdrawal symptoms.
Drop Pounds By Mopping
According to BMC Public Health, 25-percent of men and women who are in debt are medically obese. But, a new study by Vileda shows an easy way to lose weight is to simply pick up a mop.
Can You Hear Me Now?
An interesting study from Italian researches says that if you want someone to do something, talk into the person's right ear.
Eat Blueberries And Remember More
First, I told you Concord grape juice holds the magic to help reduce memory loss. Now, a new study shows that by eating blueberries a person can have better memory and brain function.

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