You're on a date. The bill comes. Who pays? Guys, do you jump to grab the check? Or, do you prefer to split the bill 50/50? Well, according to a survey from Cosmo and Askmen, 33 percent of women expect the man to foot the bill for most of the dates they go on. How 'bout that 50/50 split of the bill? 38 percent of the women polled say each should pay their own half of the check.

But, according to the survey, guys might not mind picking up the tab when out on a date. 59 percent of the men polled feel that they should pay for all the dates they go on or the majority of the dates they go on "until the relationship is established."

And, on another topic, the Askmen and Cosmo poll also found that 20 percent of women "would dump a boyfriend if he got fat," and 48 percent of guys polled said they "would dump their girlfriend if she gained weight."

So, who pays for the bill when you go out on a date? Is it a 50/50 split? Guys, do you feel obligated to fork over the cash for the date?

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