The American Idol Top 5 were hit with an #IdolTwist, putting their fate in their own hands. Ryan Seacrest asked whether they wanted to eliminate one contestant this week or two next week. The decision had to be unanimous, and it wasn't.  Three wanted to keep everyone safe, two wanted to send someone home.

There are a lot of upset teenaged girls as Sam Woolf was the one eliminated. Fans were not happy with the #idoltwist either, including Idol hopeful Alex Preston.

Who voted no?

I don't understand the #IdolTwist either. What was the point? To keep Sam around for one more week?  Why make America angry by disregarding their vote, a premise the show has been based on since it began.  I'd vote no too, especially if I was a frontrunner on the show like Jena and Alex.  They all have to go at some point.  All but one anyway.

Before the results, Keith Urban performed 'Good Thing,' looking as sexy as ever.

Keith Urban 'Good Thing'

Sam Woolf Says Goodbye With 'It's Time'

The Top 4 return next Wednesday night at 8 on Fox.