The week Keith Urban wore his 'I Am the Stig' t-shirt, it had everyone talking.  What is the Stig?  So I did some research to find out.  Still don't know the answer?  Find out here.  But it also got me to thinking:  Keith wears a lot of weird t-shirts on American Idol.  And it's not just Idol.  Where does he get all those cool shirts?  A lot come from Ames Bros clothing

Check out all Keith's cool t-shirts.

MARCH 12 2014



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How many t-shirts do you suppose he actually has?  But Keith could wear anything he wants and still look FINE!  And I know a lot of women who'd agree with me.  Although I also like these looks too...

Anytime the first few buttons are left open to show that sexy chest, I lose my mind.