It was the battle of the 'American Woman,' between Albany's Moriah Formica and Shilo Gold to move into the Knockout Rounds on 'The Voice.'

"The fact that you're not on my team is dumb," Adam told Formica after her performance for Team Miley. "I'm so angry. We haven't had anyone who is 16 years-old, who is a rock and roll singer like you are. It makes you unbelievable cool and unique."

Formica received more compliments from Blake Shelton who called her a "born rock star." But it was Formica's coach, Miley Cyrus who paid the best adulation. "I get nervous to be around you because you're like a rock goddess."

It comes as no surprise Formica won the battle and will move onto the Knockout Rounds.

The Battle Rounds continue on NBC Monday and Tuesday at 8pm. Tune in to see if Gary Carpentier of Oswego follows Formica into the next round. Will either join Sawyer Fredericks as The Voice winner from upstate New York?

The Voice - Season 13
Trae Patton/NBC



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