Will the real Adam Sandler please stand up. Max Kessler, a Syracuse University grad, is compared to the Hollywood actor all the time. This time the uncanny resemblance has caught the attention of the actor himself.

A photo of Kessler and Sandler quickly went viral on Reddit, with over 6 million views, including Sandler who started sending his own photo, asking "But can you do this Max?"

"I thought it was fake at first. I called my mom and said 'this has to be a prank,' but soon realized it wasn't. I started laughing," Kessler tells ABC News.

Kessler answered Sandler's question with his own picture and another question; "impressed?"

Sandler must have been impressed since he invited Kessler to the movie premiere of 'The Do-Over' to party with "the better Max Kessler," Sandler's character in the film.

Move over Kevin Bacon, there could be 6 degrees of Kessler as Sandler not only has his name in the new movie, he also played a Syracuse University grad in 'Big Daddy.'

'The Do-Over' comes out on Netflix May 27th for those of us who don't look like Sandler and didn't get an invite to the premiere May 16th.

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