Accidents happen. And I should know. I've had several over the years that include a cop car, a cow, a Porsche and even an incident in a drive-thru, to name a few.

The first was about a month after getting a car for my 16th birthday. I was turning left onto a 4 lane highway. A tractor trailer, or transport as we call them in Canada, stopped to wave me through. So I pulled out without thinking about the SECOND lane. In it was a Driver's Ed car with a first time driver. All I remember is him saying, 'yesterday I was driving a bike.'

The next was the cop car. I was driving in a Canadian white-out. You couldn't see anything and it was bumper to bumper traffic on a major highway. The car in front of me braked. I braked. The black ice I was on slid my car right into the back of a cop car that was on the scene of another accident. The poor woman in the back slammed her face into the wire mesh and the cop jammed his knee into the dashboard. To make matter worse, the car was two days old.

The Porsche incident was minor. I 'slightly' rear ended' it at a light I didn't see turn red. It could've been because I was looking at that hot guy on the beach. The car was fine. The little poodle in the passenger seat may a have been a different story. That poor thing was a little rattled.

The cow wasn't my fault. I ran into the house to grab something when the phone rang. It was my neighbor calling to tell me my car was in their yard. It had rolled down the driveway, across the road, through their a fence, into a cow. Apparently there are 'some' cars that allow you to pull out the keys without putting it in gear.

The drive thru accident definitely wasn't my fault and I'll go to the grave saying it. I pulled into a fast food restaurant from the back road BEFORE someone pulled in from the front. Since my car was at an awkward angle, with only the front left tire in the actual drive thru lane, he thought he got to go first. I wouldn't move so he ran into the side of me. There may have been some harsh, loud words exchanged but I stood my ground.

Luckily I haven't had an accident, or an incident in years (knock on wood). Those accidents were all when I was young and reckless. Wait, I forgot about the winter I drove into my own car in my driveway....

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