Our friend Kacey Musgraves is coming to MVCC. It may be her first trip ever to Utica. What are some Utica style things she should try when she's here?

1) Try Utica Style Pizza

Jeff Monaski/WIBX

Kacey has admitted in interviews one of her favorite non-healthy snacks is pizza. While shes in town she should order Utica pizza from Joes in Whitesboro, or even the classic O'Scugnizzo.


2) Try Utica Club/Saranac

Dave Wheeler/TSM

I'm no singer but I can imagine drinking a beer before the show must be a great idea. The key, not drinking too much. Kacey should try Utica's finest: Utica Club, or maybe a nice Saranac craft brew.


3) Have A Cup Of Coffee From The Tram

Sean Gallup/Getty Images

Staying up late is pretty hard without a good cup of coffee. One of my favorite places to drink a cup has to be the Tram. She could also grab a delicious plate of food if the pizza didn't fill her up.


4) Maybe Hunt For Bigfoot In Herkimer County

Kayana Szymczak/Getty Images

Kacey went hunting for Bigfoot deep in the woods of Texas with the crew of www.searchingforbigfoot.com. They weren't able to find him down south, maybe she should try her luck up North. If she wanted to continue the paranormal route, we have a list of sites should could checkout that would be indoors and warm.


5) Buy Some Herkimer Diamonds

Every girl loves jewelry. I'm guessing she's no stranger to that. She should buy some Herkimer diamonds, maybe wear them on a necklace or even a ring. The best part, they tend to be cheaper than actual diamonds and they are local.


BONUS) Take A Group Selfie With The Frog Staff

I put this down for my own selfish needs. Who wouldn't want a huge selfie with the Big Frog staff?


What Should We Add To Our List?

What else should we add to the list? Let us know by commenting below.